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I'm Leila Ribeiro​

Educator, Designer, Researcher & Author

I am passionate about learning. I believe in the power of education to build a more equitable world. As an explorer of knowledge, I deeply believe that opportunities for learning are everywhere, in every social context, and this allows us to find innovative solutions to problems that arise out of complex social systems. My career has been focused on the intersection of Design and Learning, which can result in powerful social transformations.

Author of the book Learn, Unlearn, Relearn
PhD in Information Science
Master in Design Master in Applied Linguistics
Undergraduate Degree in Portuguese and English Linguistics

What you don't
see in bio

I’ve been on the internet since the time people used nicknames and that’s why I’m known as @leilagirassol, I’m also an Instagram filter sommelier and crazy about reading! I can’t read just one book at a time, I’m super addicted to dystopian fiction series and I die laughing with nonsense jokes.

Main Works​

Learn, Unlearn,

BOOK: New models to rethinking and innovating learning in the world

Mapping: Education and Innovation

VIDEOS: Mapping: curating amazing places to learn in the world


CASE STUDY: redesigning teachers' training courses

Leila Ribeiro is a Brazilian woman passionate about research, creativity and innovation. She is co-founder of Sala, a company created in 2007 that takes a new learning process to any space – academic, corporate or social. Author of the book “Learn, Unlearn, Re-learn”, the result of her master’s research about the use of design in contemporary disruptive learning.

She is degree in Literature/Linguistics, but Leila also holds a PhD in Information Science, a Master in Design and a Master in Applied Linguistics from the University of Brasília (UnB), the same institution where she developed a postdoctoral research about non-conventional learning processes during a series of immersion trips in places and contexts that broke with the traditional role.

Over the years, Leila has presented dozens of lectures on various topics such as Disruptive Learning, Active Methodologies, Lifelong Learning, Creativity, Innovation, Design Approaches, Digital Culture, Internet Culture, Collective Intelligence, Digital and Information Literacy, Design Futures and others.

Design is her passion, then she began to develop workshops of Design Thinking, Participatory Design, Social Design, Creative Processes and Design of unconventional Learning Journeys all of them supported by the model of learning, unlearning and relearning.

In the academic field, she collaborates with national and international research in partnership with institutions such as OEI, UNESCO / MOST / CLACSO, participates in the design research group at the University of Brasília (UnB) and also she is a guest professor in the Post-Graduate Program in Design at UnB too.

Learning is everywhere!

I dream of a day when we will observe spaces beyond schools and colleges as learning environments, and that learning and teaching can also happen in an informal way, beyond the walls of institutions and in miraculous methodologies.

What I have written ...

Educating for the future is teaching to unlearn

Knowledge for the next decades is the ability to learn continuously without being frustrated or discouraged because things are changing.

The future has arrived: ready to continue learning?

The teacher's training increasingly needs to take into account that the learning process will be continuous and throughout life, and it's not something punctual and with a deadline.

So it's Christmas, and what did you unlearn?

Instead of thinking about what you did, how about stopping to rethink your learnings and the ways you found ways out of the challenges of the new times?

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